Mental Health in a Strange New World

A companion podcast for my blog,, with wide-ranging discussions centered on mindfulness, self care, mental health and the healing power of music.

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Thursday Sep 09, 2021

In this session we explore the unique sonorities of different instruments as we use music as the focus of a mindfulness practice, and center ourselves in each moment.
This session features the fifth movement of Schubert's glorious Octet in F major.

Thursday Sep 09, 2021

Music has often been used as a backdrop to a mindfulness practice; this series uses it as the sole focus. When we open our ears to each sound, each note, as it leads to the next, we're able to slow our thoughts and bring us back into ourselves and to the beauty of each moment.
Join me in a mindfulness practice as we explore the gorgeous sonorities of the cello and focus on a selection by J.S. Bach. 

Welcome to my podcast

Thursday Sep 02, 2021

Thursday Sep 02, 2021

I'm so glad you've joined me on my new podcast channel! I'll be posting audio versions of my blog, as well as audio-only versions of my Musical Mindfulness videos. Check back also for interviews with musician and friends about self-care, mindfulness, mental health and the transformative power of music.




Complex emotions are a foundational element of the human experience, and learning how to understand them and integrate them into ourselves is one of the most important charges of our lives. 

As a musician, educator, producer, arranger, writer, speaker, TV host and wellness advocate, I'm committed not just to producing inviting and inclusive concert experiences, but also to creating spaces that help us to be truly present so we can examine our own emotions and mental states with gentle curiosity. We all deserve to be well, and at ease in the world, and I hope that I can be a part of your journey.

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